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”Imagine if …”
12 January 2017
His Life’s Only Voyage
12 January 2017

Amaravati project, started as a workshop which aimed at teaching indian classical dance Kathak, its aesthetics and the practical application of this experience on stage. The material included an expressive and a pure dance item. Through the expressive item, the students came in contact with the  Indian mythology as well as  the codified hand gestures (mudras) and postures that are used in the narration of classical Indian dance. The pure dance part, served as an introduction to some essential techniques such as  steps, spins and the use of the hands and the eyes as well as the rythmology  of the classical indian system in music and dance(Sangeet). Lastly, aesthetics of classical indian dance  (Aharyam) were taught, jewelry, costume, hair and make up.

The workshop culminated in a performance, in which the dancers were accompanied by live classical Indian music. On tabla( percussion) was Leo Fernandez and on Sitar( string instrument) Janetos Kritselis.