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Aerial Hammrocks


In aerial dance with hammocks, each practicioner climbs into a hammock of about three meters height and performs exercises which are similar to the asanas of yoga. Sometimes the practicioners perform the exercises on the floor and the hammock is used to “open” the body on the air by using its own weight and at times, the body floats and turns over the air supported by the hammock.

The acrobatic positions even though they look impressive, the practicioners agree that actually they are not so difficult. The hesitation and fear resulting from the idea of swinging, usually disappears quickly and the body gradually relaxes and gains more confidence.

As a way of exercise, offers muscle strengthening  as the practicioner has to pull up the body to ascend on the air and at the same time stretches deeply the muscles. The use of the hammock particularly facilitates the inversed positions (upside down), which beyond the playfulness and the pleasure that they offer, have important benefits as well. Vertebrae get decompressed, the brain gets oxygenated, the heart gets rest (when we are in the upright position, the heart works to carry the blood from the bottom up, while at the inverse position it rests), help the lymph nodes to get balanced as well as the purification of the blood, thereby assisting in the detoxification of the body.

As a way of practice appeals to all ages. It is recommended to be avoided it in case of glaucoma, hypertension, pregnancy and for those who have recently undergone surgery.