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The lessons of aerial dance, require a relatively good physical condition. Regular involvement with dance, yoga, martial arts and gymnastics in general, helps. Those who are making a start now or feel that they have  neglected their physical condition, dont get discouraged! The most important thing, is to be in the mood for training and the desire for a new start.


Structure of the Class

We start with 20 minutes of dynamic yoga. The series of exercises intent to strengthen and stretch all the muscles of the body and to prepare it for the movement on the silks. In parallel, the combination of movement with breathing, helps students to concentrate and feel a deeper connection with their bodies.

Then, students are divided into two groups.


Beginners: Βasic ways to climb silks, footlocks and postures from the Aerial Yoga.

Intermediate: Postures and escapes, alignment and technique improvement for spending less energy during the movement, creative suggestions on the transitions from one position to another and choreography.

Final Stretching: Mild stretching exercises to relax the muscles that are contracted after training. When there is time, we work with couple stretching, inspired from the Αcrobatic Υoga and Thai Massage. Apart from an interesting variation of stretching to relax the muscles, these exersises, create a sense of care, trust and acceptance among team members, while the students come out of the course with a sense of deep relaxation.