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Christina delivers classes on classical Indian dance, Yoga and their essential philosophy. Moreover, offers courses on Aerial Acrobatics and Aerial Dance in hammocks.

Her classes are accommodated in spaces, dedicated to contemporary dance forms, such as Circus Days, Dan.ce, in places dedicated to classical Indian dance and yoga, like Shantom, Neda Yoga Shala, Prana Yoga Studio, in private secondary schools and in the higher education, in the form of seminars. Students are encouraged to deepen into the artistic and spiritual quest through the clear structure of the class, whereas this wide range, offers the possibility of an exploration of different kinds of art and nurtures various aspects of oneself.

In the course of aerial dance and acrobatics, Christina infuses the spirit of hard work and the perfection of posture and movement, with the ardent enthusiasm and cordiality of the South American circus artists.

The main purpose, of the classes of classical Indian dance Kathak, is the promotion and preservation of this dance, which comes from the lineage of Varanasi (Benares Gharana), as was transmitted to Christina by her teacher Pandit Ravi Shankhar Mishra. The dynamic practice of the art of Indian dance, is combined with explanations on philosophy, mythology and aesthetics of Indian dance together with elements of yoga and contemporary dance, concerning the alignment of the body and its movement in space.

After years of practice close to her teacher, as well as the additional training  in India and Europe with teachers  of Ashtanga, Hatha and Iyengar Yoga, Christina offers Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga classes. The practice is done in order to unblock and enhance the intrinsic energy in all of us, to strenghten the body and to gradualy improve one’s flexibility. Without losing its dynamic aspect,the practice is combined with gentle adjustments on the body of the students, explanations on the breath and the alignment, deep relaxation, and elements from the Thai Massage.

Aerial Acrobatics

Aerial Hammocks

Classical Indian Dance Kathak