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Christina Zanni, is a multidimentional artist with an holistic viewpoint. Trained in classical indian dance Kathak, Ashtanga Yoga, Aerial Acrobatics and various forms of Ayurvedic and Thai Massage. Integrates art with an holistic way of living, embued with eastern philosophy and bridges different cultures and artistic forms of expression. Views art as a route to personal and collective transformation.





Christina Zanni, is a multidimentional artist with an holistic viewpoint.
She studied acting and stage design at the National School of Fine Arts in Greece and at the same time, she started her training as an acrobat. On 2003, she begun the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, under the guidance of her teacher Cliff Barber and since then she considers it an essential part of her daily routine. After her graduation she longed to travel, and deepen herself into yoga and performing arts. She realized her first six month trip to India, where she practiced Ashtanga yoga and the south indian dance, Bharatanatyam .

Returning to Greece she got her first jobs as an acrobat and decided to move to Argentina and focus on her acrobatic training. She attended various circus schools where she practiced aerial acrobacy( rope, silks, aerial hoop, trapeze, flying rope) and contortionism. Eventually, she ended up travelling everyday to the villas ( slums, favelas), outside Buenos Aires to practice and learn with the local artists. Returning to Greece, she collaborated with the Municipal Theater of Creta and the State Theater of Greece and with Magic Happens Productions , as an acrobat, actress, acrobatic choreographer and stage design assistant. She founded the contemporary circus group Libeloulas( with Chryssa Traikopoulou) with whom she taught and performed all over Greece .

After some years of work as an acrobat, she felt a deep need of finding a tradition which will transfuse a meaningful foundation to the performing arts. The stimulus was a performance of an Indian Kathak dancer in Athens. The intense emotion that emerged while watching, led her to travel to India and start her apprentice in Kathak. She arrives in India in 2010 and since then, she studies with the eminent Kathak dancer and musician, Pandit Ravi Shankar Mishra in Varanasi. She studied expression and narrative techniques ( abhinaya) with the Bharatanatyam maestro C.K.Balagopal in Chennai and rhythm for dancers( bols and talas) with the Argentinian tabla player Leo Fernandez. At the end of the 4th year , she took her Kathak diploma, from the university of Alahabad. She collaborated with various artists from many countries,with the classical indian music and dance group, Shri Saraswati and she performed in Greece and Argentina.

Motivated by the necessity to nurture and heal the physical and emotional body, she studied various forms of Ayurvedic massage and basic principles of Ayurveda in India, as well as traditional Thai Yoga Massage in Thailand .

Christina, recently moved back to Greece. She resides in Athens where she is teaching and performing. She travels every year to India to learn and practice with her teacher.