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Thai Massage, works on the energy lines of the body called Sen lines . In the Eastern medicine, the free flow of the energy, is hindered by factors such as stress, tension, trauma and poor posture, resulting in imbalance-disease. Moreover, repetitive patterns of negative thoughts and emotions, often manifest as pain and tension in specific parts of the body.

Thai Yoga Massage unblocks and regulates the flow of the energy routes of the body and relieves pains, tightness and tensions of the muscles. Combines therapeutic pressures, reflexology, stretching from yoga (which the therapist performs in the body of the receiver) and meditative calmness. The receiver, is completely relaxed, in a process that involves body, mind and emotion. As oil is not used, wearing comfortable clothes, the receiver does not feel physically exposed.
Thai massage is based on the Buddhist concept of Metta, unconditional love.
The therapist expresses Metta, by the intention of the total acceptance of the patient, which is expressed through his body.

The movement of the body is improved, the pains in the back and joints are relieved, so do muscle pains and tensions. As the flow of energy is released, the body’s ability to heal itself is empowered, there is an increase of energy, vitality and strength and the aging process slows down.
After a session, the receiver feels a reduction of stress, improvement of his emotional state and a clear and calm mind. Thus, it is beneficial in cases of migraine, headaches and insomnia.
The unconditional acceptance, gives the receiver the sense of care and comfort. As trust is being built between the therapist and the patient, the latter, lets go of controlling his body and mind and feels deep relaxation and emotional stability.

The application of stretching in couples from Thai Massage, when applied at the end of a dance class, apart from being an interesting variation of stretching to relax the muscles, creates a sense of care, trust and acceptance among group members, while students come out of the class with a sense of deep relaxation and meditative calmness.